Horse Creek Academy Charter School Expands with JEDA Bonds

Aiken, SC — Aiken County

Horse Creek Academy is using a $17,195,000 in Educational Facilities Revenue Bond issue through the South Carolina Jobs & Economic Development Authority (JEDA) for expansions and renovations at the school’s campus on Toolebeck Road in Aiken County.

The public charter school opened as Midland Valley Preparatory School in Graniteville in 2002, serving 4K through sixth grade. It became known Horse Creek Academy after its move to Aiken in 2014.

The funds will be used to finance the construction of a new upper school and for improvements at its existing facilities. The school currently employs 84 people and the expansion will add 45 new jobs.

“Horse Creek Academy has come a long way and we’re pleased to be able to use JEDA financing to help ensure our expansion and progress as we continue into our third decade of service.”
— Dr. Ann Marie Taylor, Executive Director of Horse Creek Academy

“Bond financing is a complicated venture, and we’re honored that Horse Creek Academy turned to us for guidance through the process,” said Sam Howell, Bond Counsel at Howell Linkous & Nettles in Charleston.

“Horse Creek Academy is one of the oldest members of the charter school community in South Carolina. JEDA is glad to be able to continue providing financing to support its continued growth,” said Harry A. Huntley, CPA, Executive Director of JEDA in Columbia.