Moving South Carolina Forward

For more than 40 years, the South Carolina Jobs-Economic Development Authority (JEDA) has been committed to connecting South Carolina’s businesses with funding opportunities needed to advance economic growth in healthcare, education, manufacturing and solid waste sectors.

Through the use of taxable and tax-exempt bonds, JEDA assists in the financing of eligible projects by serving as a conduit issuer of special obligation revenue bonds. Entities borrow money through, not from, JEDA. This is done without cost to the taxpayers since JEDA is completely self supporting, operating solely on revenues generated by bond issuing activities.

This formula has worked well and JEDA now looks forward to building on our three decades of progress as we all work to keep “Moving South Carolina Forward.”

Since its creation in 1983, JEDA has facilitated the issuance of 638 bonds for over $15.4 Billion and resulting in the creation and retention of more than 312,055 jobs.

Our Work Continues

Looking ahead, JEDA and its Board of Directors pledge to continue to combine their diverse financing, entrepreneurial and management skills to work within South Carolina and on the national level. That includes seeking ways to improve and expand access to capital markets for eligible businesses and other job creators, while at the same time participating in the advocacy efforts in Washington and with state legislatures on behalf of tax-exempt bond programs everywhere.