Columbia College Refinances with $16 Million JEDA Bond Issue

Columbia, SC — Richland County

The South Carolina Jobs-Economic Development Authority (JEDA) has issued its $16,055,000 bonds for the benefit of Columbia College, which the college used to refinance existing debt.

The education facilities revenue and refunding bonds refunded prior bonds issued in 2001 and 2010, that were used to finance expansions and renovations for educational, residential, administrative, and utilities facilities at the north Columbia campus.

Founded in 1854, Columbia College is home to nearly 1,200 undergraduate and graduate students. Last fall, the formerly all-female College permitted men to enroll in its undergraduate day program for the first time. In August, the College will welcome its first male residential students.

“JEDA financing has once again empowered Columbia College to make the best use of our resources to maintain and enhance our ability to educate and inspire. We appreciate JEDA’s belief in the College’s bright future.”
— Wilma Allen, Vice President of Finance and Administration at Columbia College

“We’re pleased we could assist Columbia College with the complicated process of refinancing its existing obligations. Helping this important South Carolina institution solidify its financial standing is gratifying,” said Kimberly Witherspoon, Bond Counsel at Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, P.A., in Greenville.

“JEDA is happy to again help an institution of higher education take advantage of favorable market conditions through a tax-advantaged bond issue. This is a great time to do just that,” said Harry A. Huntley, CPA, Executive Director of JEDA in Columbia.

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