JEDA Finances Last Step Recycling in Chester County

Chester, SC — Chester County

The South Carolina Jobs-Economic Development Authority (JEDA) issued a combined $60 million in bonds to Last Step Recycling for a new facility at Chester Technology Park off S.C. 9 near Interstate 77.

The $55M tax-exempt and $5M taxable solid waste disposal revenue bonds will finance the construction of an automotive shredder residue (ASR) recycling facility. The operation will receive ASR from other recycling plants and further recycle it to separate non-ferrous metals from other materials and will create 57 new jobs at the 231,000 square-foot facility located on a 57-acre site.

“There are 24 shredding businesses within a 450-mile radius that can provide feedstock for us to process. JEDA financing is helping make it possible for our company to take advantage of this timely opportunity.”
— Robert Ward, Chief Financial Officer of Last Step Recycling

“We feel pleased and privileged to be able to have a part in creating this milestone in economic and environmental progress in Chester County,” said Emily Zackon, Bond Counsel with Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP in Columbia.

“JEDA has been helping businesses and qualifying organizations locate and expand across South Carolina for decades, and we’re happy that we could provide this favorable financing to Last Step Recycling so it can join our business community,” said Harry A. Huntley, CPA, Executive Director of JEDA in Columbia.