Success Stories

YMCA of the Upper Pee Dee

success YMCA peedee

Project Size:

$1.3 million

Jobs Created/Retained

Creates 10 new jobs; Creates 25 new jobs for referees; Retains 90 existing jobs

Bond Type

SC JEDA Economic Development Industrial Revenue Bond

The $1.3 million in tax-free economic development revenue bonds issued to the YMCA of the Upper Pee Dee will be used to build an 8,000-square-foot gymnasium at the Chesterfield facility, which will be available for local residents to rent for parties, family reunions and various community events. Bond proceeds will also be used to refinance at a low-interest rate prior improvements made to both the Chesterfield and Darlington facilities.

The JEDA funding will help maintain 90 existing jobs as well as create 10 new jobs within two years of the new gym’s completion, as part-time support staff are added to manage it. Work for 25 referees will also be created when the new gym’s athletic programming gets under way.