Success Stories

SC Research Authority (SCRA)

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Project Size:

$3.8 million

Jobs Created/Retained

Created 130 construction jobs; Retains 50 jobs.

Bond Type

SC JEDA Recovery Zone Facility Bonds

The Clemson-SCRA Innovation Center, partially funded by a $3.8 million JEDA Recovery Zone Facility bond, provides one of the world’s top research and commercialization locations for advanced materials and metals. The SCRA wing of the Center offers limited-access rooms, office space, and wet and dry labs to incoming tenants. The Center also contains a Clemson-owned and managed wing for start-up companies. Together, SCRA and Clemson University invested a combination of financing and net assets of $10.5 million into developing the Center.

This new center provides an asset base and magnet to attract both federal and corporate investment in Upstate-based advanced materials companies and regional programs. In addition, this facility enhances Anderson County’s ability to attract and retain advanced technology companies to the area. This new facility resulted in the creation of approximately 130 jobs during the construction phase and will retain 50 jobs when the facility is placed in full operation.