JEDA's 2011 Annual Report: New Opportunities for Financing, New Jobs for South Carolina

During the past 28 years, JEDA has issued 422 bonds for nearly
$7.5 billion, a boost to South Carolina’s economy that has resulted in the creation and retention of more than 197,000 jobs.


2011 Annual Report - Download NowDespite the climate of the current economy, new companies are relocating to South Carolina and a number of existing operations have regained their footing and are seeking to expand. The South Carolina Jobs-Economic Development Authority (JEDA) has been a part of this process and has continued to evolve current programs and implement financing alternatives to help enterprises large and small fund their growth in a particularly difficult credit environment.

JEDA has issued 23 bonds during the past year, helping to provide $542.6 million in funding in 10 counties across the state. Leveraging unusually favorable interest rates, JEDA bond issues helped keep 15,896 people in their jobs and create 842 new positions.

JEDA’s 2011 Annual Report features the following Economic Development Bond issues from July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011:

Hospitals & Healthcare




Operating at no cost to taxpayers and funded by its own operations, JEDA’s mission is job creation and economic development, and we remain dedicated to supporting the people and businesses that help South Carolina thrive. As we look to 2012 and beyond, JEDA will continue to work to ensure the preservation of tax-exempt bond programs, as well as to continue to seek innovative new financing avenues that will help spur further economic development across the Palmetto State.